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LE MANS a novel by Dakota Franklin
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Dakota Franklin RUTHLESS TO WIN series


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CoolMain Press Proudly Announces publication
of the
Third Volume Appearing in
Dakota Franlin's Grand Series

TROUBLESHOOTER by Dakota Franklin

• TROUBLESHOOTER is a novel in the 13-book series RUTHLESS TO WIN

• All novels in the series are self-standing, with different main characters

• The books can therefore be read in any order

* LE MANS a novel & REQUIEM AT MONZA are already published

• Both are international best sellers & very well reviewed

• LE MANS is a finalist in the eFestival of Words Independent EBook Awards

• Though the author displays a high level of expertise about automobile racing, these are character-based thrillers, and zero knowledge of automobile racing (or even interest!) is presumed on the part of readers

* “This isn’t just a thousand to one shot. This is a professional blood sport. It can happen to you. And then it can happen to you again.” —from Harry Kleiner’s film Le Mans

• From the first page of TROUBLESHOOTER:

20-20 hindsight

On the Sunday before the start of the grand prix season, I went to two parties and committed a criminal conspiracy with the woman of my dreams. Monday I started on the slippery slope that would end when I learned that my friend betrayed me. Tuesday I intimidated the most powerful and least accountable government department of a sovereign democracy. Wednesday someone tried to kill me.

Just so you don’t get the idea I do that sort of thing all the time, we’ll start at one of the high points of my life, which happened on the second Sunday before the start of the grand prix season.

Oh, by the way, I’m Charlie Cartwright. How do you do?