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STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress is in its fourth year as an internaitonal bestseller.

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STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress

exciting new collaboration
by Andre Jute, Dakota Franklin & Andrew McCoy— and in most stores it's FREE

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International Press Reviews of Andrew McCoy’s novels

 “Mr McCoy gets on with the job of telling us exactly what it is like in the Heart of Darkness. He has the soldier's eye for terrain and the soldier's eye for character. This has the ring of truth.”
John Braine Sunday Telegraph

 “Very rough, exciting, filmic, and redolent of a nostalgie de boue d'Afrique...experienced only by the genuine old Africa hand.”
Alastair Phillips Glasgow Herald

 “Like the unblinking eye of a cobra, it is fascinating and hard to look away from, powerful and unique.”
Edwin Corley Good Books

 “I found this work excellent. I recommend it as a book to read on several planes, whether of politics, history or just as thriller -- every episode is firmly etched on my memory. It is certainly a most impressive work of fiction.”
“H.P.” BBC External Service

 “Like a steam hammer on full bore.”
Jack Adrian Literary Review

 “Something else again. The author has plenty of first-hand experience of the conditions he describes so vividly.”
Marese Murphy Irish Times

 “Totally convincing fiction.”
Colonel Jonathan Alford
Director, Institute for Strategic Studies
BBC World at One

 “The reader is in good hands.”
Kirkus Reviews

 “Even in an entertaining thriller he makes us see ourselves anew.”
La Prensa

 “Graphic adult Boys Own Adventure.”
The Irish Press

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AFRICAN REVENGE (Lance Weber 1) by Andrew McCoy

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