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IDITAROD by Andre Jute – A Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book
a novel of
The Greatest Race on Earth

by Andre Jute
Flamingnet Young Adult

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Only CoolMain Press offers you an exclusive conducted tour of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race with André Jute! Start here.

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IDITAROD a novel of the Greatest Race on Earth
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Our first book is
the 20th anniversary fully revised 2nd edition of

André Jute's grand Alaskan adventure
a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth

with an exciting new map
a novel for all the family from 14 to 94 years young

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a novel of
The Greatest Race on Earth
by André Jute

Marchez! — A race for survival

When Rhodes Delaney challenged James Alderston Whitbury III to a grudge match she chose the most grueling of all tests — the Iditarod: a lethal dogsled race across the perilous wastelands of barren Alaska.

Through life-sapping storms, howling blizzards, and deadly sub-zero temperatures, the racers must struggle over treacherous mountain passes where the sun’s rays never reach, cross frozen rivers risking the icy torrents below, and pass enraged bull moose, ravenous bears — and the world’s largest, hungriest wolf pack.

In Iditarod, André Jute puts the reader’s feet on the ice and on the runners for twelve hundred hazardous miles of the last great race across the last dangerous frontier as the exhausted bodies and hallucinating minds of the contestants battle towards the moment of truth — when Man and Nature exact the ultimate reckoning from each other.

Iditarod is at once a love story, a great adventure, and a brilliant word portrait of the world’s most spectacular and least-known land.

First published in the UK by Grafton Books 1990, Iditarod is fully revised for this 20th anniversary 2010 edition by CoolMain Press.

Read the Iditarod Sample Chapters or an Interesting snippet suggested by 1980 Iditarod race winner Joe May.