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André Jute

International Press Reviews of Non-fiction by Andre Jute

"More than a few car manufacturers could learn a few things."
Sports Car Monthly

"Just about every automobile manufacturer short of Porsche could learn something useful from Jute's book. We always knew suspensions were important, but he infuses them with excitement and art."

"A thorough and useful handbook."

"He is not afraid to tackle the difficult subjects and make them clear for everyone else."

"Plenty of good advice...Jute is great...a private godsend"
Ruth Rendell /The Times

"What apprentice can afford to ignore a master's voice?"
Writing Magazine (USA)

"For the most consummate professional as much as for the newest novice."
Writer's Monthly (UK)

"André Jute's book is a classic guide."
Richard Bell/Writing Magazine (UK)

larsson coverIT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID by Andre Jute