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IDITAROD by Andre Jute – A Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book
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a novel of
The Greatest Race on Earth

by Andre Jute
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by Andre Jute

One of the best-written thrillers I will read this year. Andre Jute is a writer I trust to give me a good book every time.
Matt Posner

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a tragedy of the machine age

the classic disaster thriller
by André Jute
“Jute has clearly conducted a great deal of research into everything he describes, investing the novel with an air of prophecy. His moral and ecological concerns are important.”
The Times Literary Supplement

a tragedy of the machine age

the classic disaster thriller
by André Jute

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Jute has concocted an elaborate, cinematic, vivid mayhem-epic. The merry-go-round action keeps shifting from the doings above (panic, horror, crass media, rescue attempts) to the doings below, where a colorful assortment of survivors creep around in a sci-fi landscape of blood, mud, oil, and rubble. Fare for techno-disaster buffs, with grisly, imaginative touches.”
Kirkus Reviews

It’s nearly lunchtime in a medium-sized mid-West city: a party of school-children are shepherded into a department store: the state senator’s wife sips a pre-lunch drink: the local drugs kingpin cuts a deal: two alert cops make an arrest. A normal day, until the entire downtown of the city vanishes into a massive hole in the ground.

With chillingly accurate detail, André Jute describes how greed, ignorance and mismanagement accelerate remorseless geological processes to erode the very foundations of the earth on which we stand, and build. With incandescent imagination, and a rigorous knowledge of the specialist techniques involved, Sinkhole describes the desperate efforts to retrieve a handful of survivors from the maelstrom underfoot.

Individual acts of courage, honed reflexes and an iron command of esoteric skills could snatch the living from the jaws of the earth. But the few men with the nerve and the vision to challenge the abyss discover that fear, panic, obsession, guilt, the grindingly sluggish mechanisms of bureaucracy, all conspire to hinder the rescue.

The tension is electric: the finale explosive.

“Wild but exciting. A grand job with plenty of irony.”
New York Times

“So bizarre, it’s probably all true.”
London Evening News

“This is an important book.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Keeps up such a pace and such interest that it really satisfies.”
Good Housekeeping

“A masterly story that has pace, humor, tension and excitement with the bonus of truth.”
The Australian

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