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IDITAROD by Andre Jute – A Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book
a novel of
The Greatest Race on Earth

by Andre Jute
Flamingnet Young Adult

International Praise for André Jute’s novels

“Wild but exciting. A grand job with plenty of irony.”
New York Times

“So bizarre, it’s probably all true.”
London Evening News

“This is an important book.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Keeps up such a pace and such interest that it really satisfies.”
Good Housekeeping

“A masterly story that has pace, humor, tension and excitement with the bonus of truth.”
The Australian

“Jute has clearly conducted a great deal of research into everything he describes, investing the novel with an air of prophecy. His moral and ecological concerns are important.”
Times Literary Supplement

Andre Jute's Iditarod is the finest piece of fiction that I have read about The Greatest Race on Earth. Packed with adventure at every turn, nail-biting suspense, touches of endearing humor and the fine, subtle thread of romance, this tale speaks to what readers crave.
Margie Myers-Culver/Librarian’s Quest

Andre JuteAndré Jute

Read an excerpt from VANGUARD ELITE that no one else has!

Andre talks about characters in novels who're also real historical figures

Matt Posner interviews Andre Jute on Kathleen Valentine's Blog

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...recalls Russian literature at its finest. VANGUARD ELITE was a real pleasure to read, the writing is rock solid and flawless – every word is the right word, in the right place. The next volume is written and awaiting publication. Bring it on."

The exploration of the mindset of the Revolution is fascinating.The complex nature and motivations of the revolutionaries and the sorry state of Russia at the time are explored in a way that makes the suffering palpable in an engaging way without pretending that the people who want to be in charge are necessarily as noble or capable as some of them would like to believe. The author does a good job of presenting the Revolution itself as a another character, and through its atmosphere and details begins to offer a commentary and explanation for what history will further bring.
J. A. Beard/Good Book Alert

It reads like a literary classic and as a screenplay for a historical documentary miniseries. The language is lush, vibrant even when describing the horrors associated with the Bolshevik Revolution. The imagery through words painted by author Andre Jute makes me feel that I am moving through an art gallery where I wish to study every aspect, explore every color, more than once. I cannot remember when I have read a book of this caliber in recent years.
Doug Glassford/Amazon


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CoolMain Press Proudly Announces
publication of
"The Hilarious crossover read"

Buggins' Turn by Andre Jute

Buggins' Turn
the original screenplay
by André Jute

W. S. Buggins is the nerdiest wimp ever, an embarrassment.
A poet, for crying out loud.
Now the rappa-revo Bloody Raztuz Razzamatazz has recorded his poems.
And Buggins,
with only a little prodding from Celia
— the beautiful stockbroker —
is blossoming into a guerilla consumer advocate.
With violence and destruction of property.
A rock’n’roll romantic comedy we all wish would come true.

"quirky, humorous and downright terrifying-to-the-funny-bone"
Daniel A. Roberts on Smashwords

"a quick, amusing read"
Matt Posner on Goodreads

THE TIME-LIFE CONSPIRACY omnibus of novel, screenplay, radio scriptAN ELECTION OF PATRIOTS by Andre Jute

"A powerful read from Andre Jute!" — Kathleen Valentine

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