“Stieg is dead. There are three books. We should leave it at that.” — Eva Gabrielsson

Eva Gabrielsson (Photo courtesy The Age, Australia)

According to Der Spiegel, Eva Gabrielsson now says there will be no fourth volume joining the Millennium Trio.

“Stieg is dead. There are three books. We should leave it at that.”

Of course, it isn’t up to Gabrielsson to decide. It is up to the rights-holders, who are not Gabrielsson but Erland and Joakim Larsson. If they decide there will be a fourth, or for that matter fifth and nth volume, that’s what will happen.

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Of tattooed bottoms and other covers

Which of the new covers do you like best?

Do you like the new title better than the old one?

This is the original design and name, THE LARSSON SCANDAL. The name rubbed some Larsson fans, and they had a point, as the implication was that Larsson was primarily responsible for the scandal, which is not true.

The design is deliberately outrageous because Larsson’s Swedish publishers, Norstedts, were dumb enough to threaten Andrew McCoy and me with lawyers before they saw a word we wrote. It’s our way of saying “up yours”.

So, if it was good for the first design, bigger would be better, and that is the rationale for the current ebook design on the Kindle and soon on the other devices as well.

But there’s no need to rub honest fans with an inaccurate title, so we’ve changed the title to STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress to reflect the contents better.

The third design is for the paperback which will be available in about four weeks. Here the tattooed bottom is presented with a bit more restraint because in high resolution it could easily slide over from sardonic comment into prurient display. We’ve added a peephole element to make up for what we lose in size.

Here’s a side by side comparison.

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