New York Times Issues an Apology to it’s Readers for Biased Reporting

Truthfeed has a bombshell,
picked up from the NY Post:


If the story of a letter to subscribers from New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr, including a mea culpa that the paper failed to appreciate Donald Trump’s appeal, is indeed true, it will be an extraordinary admission.

The Times style is more to cover their fuckups by claiming that in all the world only the NYT marches in step.

But the promise of change by the NYT is worthless, and Truthfeed is naive to believe in it.

The NYT simply doesn’t have enough reporters and other writers who remember unbiased reporting to go back. The NYT has been a post-modern, post-normal, post-truth journal for too long to recover.

If, furthermore, the stories of financial strain are true, the NYT can forget about saving itself as a newspaper; it can only save itself as an opinion journal or an entertainment rag.

Perhaps Rupert Murdoch wants to buy the NYT as well, just to have it, though I can’t see any solid business reason for wasting his money.

This is what you get for betraying journalistic principles for so long.

andre_jute_singaporeAndre Jute is the author of AN ELECTION OF PATRIOTS, a novel which explains who sold out highminded media discussion of policy to television soundbitery, smears,  and bias, and IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID, a Rhodes Scholar Education in One Hour, among many other books. He  has written for papers around the world, most recently for the Irish Examiner.

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