How Myron Ebell can save a million lives in the first year of the Trump Presidency

Myron Ebell
Donald Trump has chosen Myron Ebell (above) to lead the Environmental Protection Agency transition team. Ebell is well-known for not swallowing the “global warming” Coolaid. 
Excellent start, Mr Trump.
So, Mr Ebell, which will be your most urgent step? Permit me to offer a passionate priority that will save at least a million lives in your first year on the job. And that million is a minimum, just direct deaths from malaria; do this particular job right, and it could be millions, plural.
Your first step should be to remove the ban on DDT, the banning of which has caused a genocide of more than 220 million defenseless people in Africa from malaria and starvation, for which American environmentalists are responsible. And, it should be remembered, they did it in the full knowledge that DDT is not carcinogenic, that their excuse for this crime was a lie. Not a single human being ever contracted cancer from ingesting DDT; in fact, it is safe to eat with a spoon. The International Agency for Research on Cancer lists DDT as “possibly carcinogenic” – right up there with coffee and pickles.
They did it to grab power for themselves: “If the environmentalists win on DDT,” Charles Wurster of the Environmental Defense Fund told the Seattle Times, “they will achieve a level of authority they have never had before.” 
The Nixon government committed this great crime for political convenience. EPA Administrator William Ruckelshaus convened a scientific panel, which held six months of hearings, compiled 9,312 pages of studies and testimony, and concluded that DDT was safe and effective and should not be banned. Nevertheless, without attending a single hour of hearings or reading a page of the report, Ruckelshaus banned US production and use of DDT in 1972 – at a time when over 80% of the chemical was being exported for disease control. He later said his decision had nothing to do with cancer. He had a political problem, he said, and he fixed it.
American environmentalists knowingly committed a genocide by banning DDT, and Donald Trump and Myron Ebell can stop the rest of the annual, ongoing genocide by restoring the production and export of DDT.
Andre Jute is the author of AN ELECTION OF PATRIOTS, a novel
andre_jute_singaporewhich explains who sold out highminded media discussion of policy to television soundbitery, smears,  and bias, and IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID, a Rhodes Scholar Education in One Hour, among many other books.

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