Eva Gabrielsson starts her Church of St Stieg Larsson of the Millennium Trini— er, Trilogy with a goat sacrifice

Stieg Larsson died before publication of his Millennium Trilogy and the monster success of the three thrillers in it: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. Since then the trilogy has sold over 50 million copies and thrown off a legacy of ten of millions of dollars. By a quirk of Swedish law, all this money, and control of the literary estate, went to Larsson’s father and brother, rather than to Larsson’s common-law wife of 32 years, Eva Gabrielsson. Gabrielsson has been fighting a war in the media on the Larsson heirs for control of the literary estate, described in THE LARSON SCANDAL by André Jute and Andrew McCoy. Now Gabrielsson has written her own book, already available in Swedish and French as Millénium, Stieg & moi and it is hot stuff! Now we can check the forecasts of her behaviour made in THE LARSON SCANDAL

My friend Maître Olivier writes from Paris:

“My André, you are one scary judge of character. When I read in ‘The Larsson Scandal’ that you predict Eva Gabrielsson wants to make a Church of the Stiegysteria I think may be it is one of your little jokes, very sophisticate. You should know, who knows us so well, in France we shudder at Church of Scientology, founded by scifi writer Elron [L. Ron] Hubbard. Now Geni gives me proof copy of Gabrielsson biography ‘Millénium, Stieg & moi’. I don’t know what name in English.

“Do you still say ‘Holy shit!’ Or are you now respectable? I am most respectable but I say, ‘Holy shit!^10’ She holds Old Norse ceremony with live sacrifice of goat and prays to it for revenge on book editors, scénariste and directeur of film. She wants to sacrifice her father-in-law and brother-in-law for ‘selling out’ Stieg Larsson, slice their throats.

“All this for some bad onanismic [masturbatory] fantasy in cheap airport noirs [thrillers]. The woman is parfaitement [perfectly] insane. Dead Stieg comes to her as big black bird with a message from the God of Vengeance. For this in Sweden they would lock up Salander, the character yes? But Gabrielsson leads charmed life, no parking tickets.

“Gabrielsson wants to write fourth, nth new Stieg Larsson books. Maybe they should let her, hire you to make horror show in her head readable. RESIST TEMPTATION AS PSYCHIATRIST TO HEAL HER. Her sickness is worth millions!

“You’re psychic scary, mon ami [my friend]. I shiver as I embrace you. Heh-heh.

The novelist Patricia Sierra also sent me a heads-up in the form of a review of Gabrielsson’s book in Slate Magazine by Sasha Watson, who works off the French edition that Jean-Pierre found so revelatory. Here is Watson on the same bloodcurdling passages that kept Jean-Pierre up nights:

“By its end, the book is a vengeful battle cry. In one particularly incredible scene, Gabrielsson exorcises her grief and fury by performing a pagan ritual, complete with a torch and a goat’s head on a spike, in which she recites a poem to the Norse gods, cursing all those who crossed Larsson in life and in death. In another, she speaks to a crow she believes has been sent to her by the god Odin and which she thinks may be an embodiment of Larsson himself. She wraps up the book by swearing not only to continue her fight for the legal right to make decisions pertaining to the ways Larsson’s works and name are used and distributed, but to take revenge upon those who have wronged Larsson and herself. The phrase “a woman scorned” came to mind again and again as I read: Gabrielsson’s rage is Dido-like in both its determination and its mythological breadth. Whether this is the mild eccentricity of a grieving woman with a thing for Nordic myths or a sign that she’s going around the bend remains to be seen.”
— Sasha Watson in Slate

And here is the prediction, published almost three months before Gabrielsson’s book appeared, that she would try to establish a Church of St Stieg:

“There is a more than slightly farcical edge to Gabrielsson’s war on Larsson’s father and brother, and on agents and publishers changing money in her Stieg’s temple, ‘whoring’ him out. One has to wonder whether Gabrielsson’s insistence on turning a writer of conspiracy tomes into a saint of feminism is an attempt to start a Church of St Stieg, which will one day surely be bigger than L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology. For those too young to remember, Hubbard in his day was — wait for it — a popular science fiction and fantasy writer; his sci-fi is now the bible of his Church, which has a goodly number of celebrity celebrants and owns billions in real estate worldwide.
— André Jute and Andrew McCoy
— THE LARSSON SCANDAL the unauthorized guerilla critique of Stieg Larsson

In English Eva Gabrielsson’s book will be called “There Are Things I Want You to Know” about Stieg Larsson and Me. Seven Stories Press will publish this mouthful on 21 June 2011. It is devoutly to be hoped that Seven Stories puts better editors on the job than worked on the Millennium Trilogy, but from the evidence of those errant quotation marks in the very title of the book, the likelihood seems small.

This soap opera will run and run! And it is miles more amusing than the Millennium Trilogy.

More “psychic scary” predictions from the “scary judge of character” in THE LARSSON SCANDAL the unauthorized guerilla critique of Stieg Larsson (extra sample chapter) or buy at Amazon USA or UK

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