Painting of artist with bicycle? Who knows where to find it?

I’m looking for a painting of an artist with a bicycle.  He’s standing on an angle, perhaps coming up from a river, fields and maybe factories in the background. The bicycle is a Pedersen. Can you help me find it?


Here I have  Robert Rosenblum’s beautiful book of the paintings in the Musee d’Orsay open on my treadmill and am paging through it, looking for the “missing” painting of the artist with a bicycle. I’m also in the photo; you can see my halo.


But it’s slow work. There are about 900 pages in the book: here it lies on a box for a 100 canvas panels, so you can see how thick it is. Stewart, Tabori and Chang, who published it, give real value for money! More books of paintings from our shelves to follow until I find it, because it’s needling at me to know the painting exists and not be able to put my finger on it.

— Andre Jute


2 thoughts on “Painting of artist with bicycle? Who knows where to find it?”

  1. Originally I thought it would be easy: it looked like a Vincent van Gogh self-portrait. That gives you an era and a style. The bicycle in the painting was made from 1896, which knocks the van Gogh theory on the head as he died in 1890, well before the first patent for the bicycle in question was issued; the bicycle is distincively designed with, instead of a saddle, a hammock connected between the “seat post” and the head tube.

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