Cuddling up to the ancient enemy

Andre Jute's Utopia Kranich
Andre Jute's Utopia Kranich all lovey-dovey with a Range Rover

2 thoughts on “Cuddling up to the ancient enemy”

  1. …!

    Andre, this is…Something! Since the Kranich is captive and nicely parked-in-place, the ‘Rover (a breed variously known here’bouts as Deranged Rovers and Lamb Drovers) has obviously been attracted. I know this in not your first experience with this. Previously, you were forced to employ a stout U-lock in a nonstandard manner to preserve and defend your Kranich’s honor against one of these beasts. Now, when your back is turned…fraternization.

    Ah, me!

  2. Words — at least words suitable for a space where innocents might pass — fail me, Dan. The outcome of such familiarity can only be unspeakable. I may have to start carrying my sturdy Abus U-lock again in pure self-defense.

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