In praise of hard women. Aliy Zirkle leads the Iditarod, toughest race in the world

Aliy Zirkle, leading the 1200 mile Iditarod, cutting a corner tighty, fighting to keep her sled upright.

11 March 2012


The Iditarod is truly The Greatest Race on Earth, 1200 miles running behind a dogsled just a fraction short of the Arctic Circle. It is the only modern race that bears comparison with the Marathon of the Ancient Greeks, the ultimate test.

Women run on equal terms with men. Aliy Zirkle, if she can stay in front of the hard men who want her spot (and a hard woman too, DeeDee Jonrowe, currently in tenth place), will be the third woman in 40 years to win.

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Aliy Zirkle, ultra-endurance sled dog racer, with her characteristic big smile. Photo by Mike Criss.

André Jute is the author of IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth.
He invites you to join him in following the race at Follow the Iditarod with Andre.

3 thoughts on “In praise of hard women. Aliy Zirkle leads the Iditarod, toughest race in the world”

  1. Excellent article on A. Zirkle. You have captured something needed to be seen around the world. The strength of women!!!

  2. What a blast! I love dogs, especially sled dogs, and heroic tales and when strong women are involved involved with both… well, then I’m all in! Great post, Andre, and even greater book… just started it this AM and I’m hooked!

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